Quality, affordable websites for small businesses
I specialise in creating and hosting quality, affordable websites for small businesses - particularly those that are new to the Internet and are not quite sure what they want or how to get it.
  • No waffle
  • No jargon
  • No hassles


Web Design and Editorial
The people who visit your website do not want to waste their time fumbling to navigate, waiting for massive downloads or wading through paragraphs of irrelevant information.

To be effective, your website must combine two important elements:

  • Clean design - Uncluttered, uncomplicated and easy-to-use.
  • Clear editorial content - Accurate, concise and easy-to-understand quickly.

  The Consulting Process
We will discuss in detail what you want to achieve with your website. Then I will work with you to combine clean design and clear content that gets your message across quickly and effectively.


Domain Registration
Before you can launch your website, you'll need a domain name. I'll help you find the name that's right for your business and register it for you.

Domain registration is not expensive - and I promise not to mark it up 200%!


After I create your website to meet your needs, we will need to 'host' it on a web server that is connected to the Internet.

  • If you are already paying for space on a web server, I can publish your site there.
  • Or - I can host your site for you.

It doesn't have to be expensive. The cost will depend on the size of your site and the amount of web traffic it receives.

A website is not a static thing. It evolves over time and if you want people to come back to your website, the content must evolve as well. We'll need to consider this aspect of your site as well.


If you want me to host your site, I can also set up any number of dedicated email addresses for you. For example:

  • info@yourdomain.co.uk
  • yourname@yourdomain.co.uk


The logos below link to some sample sites from my portfolio.

A large and easy-to-use online retail website featuring African fabrics and textile art inspired by Africa.

Inventory Matters is a business and manufacturing consultancy that specialises in inventory optimisation. The site includes a secure, client-only inventory management application.

Susan Briscoe is a well-known UK textile artist and author.

The Quilters' Guild is a UK educational charity. My 2008 revamp of their site uses SQL and PHP to provide on-the-fly content generation and a password protected Admin site for adding, editing and deleting content.

The website is a tribute to author Fred Archer.


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